Grade 8

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1. Sign into myblueprint. 
2. Read the recent article," Why Volunteer?"
3. Watch the video about volunteering, check the volunteer board and explore "Volunteering Peel".
4. Find 3 possible places you would like to volunteer.
5. Create a "volunteer portfolio" to record your ideas about where you would like to volunteer.

For information about your 40 hours of volunteering... click here.
Hello, Grade 8s!.

The Grade 8 Guidance program can be defined in three parts:
1) Caring for YOU.  We'll talk about personal management skills and setting SMART goals
2) Caring for OTHERS.  Interpersonal development includes exercising self-discipline, taking responsibility for your own behavior, and interacting positively with others.
3) Career Development.  A large focus of the year will be spent exploring and evaluating your education and career opportunities so that you can make appropriate choices for secondary school
I will visit all Grade 8 classes throughout the year once/ cycle:
  • Class 81 - Day 4, period 5
  • Class 82 - Day 3, period 5
  • Class 83 - Day 4, period 2
  • Class 84 - Day 5, period 4
  • Class 85 - Day 1, period 6
  • Class 86 - Day 1, period 4
  • Class 87 - Day 5, period 2
  • Class 88 - Day 4, period 2
  • Class 89 - Day 1, period 2
We'll start the year with team-building activities and personal management development.  In November and December we'll turn our attention to high school choices and career possibilities.  January, February and March is the great Stereotype Shakedown where we'll discuss seven "isms" including ableism, ageism, classism, faith as an ism, heterosexism, racism, and sexism.  Finally, in May and June we'll write and create our own Public Service Announcements about the ISMS.